District Councillors’ Newsletter

Can we start by wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.It is a good time to look back on 2018 when a lot has been happening. Here are some of the highlights and forgive me if I have forgotten anything.

  • Construction has now visibly started at Great Oldbury. Whatever we think of this, a lot of work has gone into trying to make this the best environment for the residents as possible. Some of the outcomes have been an improvement, bridle paths, design and some decisions have been less successful, most particularly the decision on the buffer. Although it was always unlikely that everyone would be satisfied , I do feel we could have done better.
  • Beyond Great Oldbury we have seen the local plan prevent some other proposed developments

Needless to say there is more to do. Next year we will see:

  • The Stroud District Council Development and Control Committee consider the Ecotricity Application for a Football Stadium. This was probably predicted in last year’s Christmas article, but we believe that this will come to the committee in February. We with others will be making the best case we can to have this rejected.
  • A Consultation has started on an update to the Stroud District Council Local Plan. This has a number of alternative proposals including a potential increase in the Great Oldbury development to the north.
  • A consultation has started on Parish Boundaries including whether Great Oldbury should be part of Eastington, Stonehouse or a standalone Parish.

Very few of these things are the result of any one person’s efforts but are the result of people coming together to working to improve the area we live in.

Thank you to all those that work tirelessly for their local community and, once more, can we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a well deserved break.

If you have any questions or would like us to help with any District Council issues please contact either cllr.Stephen.davies@stroud.gov.uk (07802 595 307) or cllr.john.jones@stroud.gov.uk. (07808 922918)
District Councillor – Stephen Davies and District Councillor – John Jones