PROWD – Public Rights of Way Defenders

Well, we are getting into Autumn now, with colder mornings and earlier Sunsets, but, I’ve got some really good news on our local footpaths.

There should be, in the next couple of weeks, two new kissing gates being installed near the A38. One is near Fromebridge (EEA46) and the other one is at Wicksters Bridge (EEA73). Also, there is another kissing gate to be installed at the end of Broadfield Rd, (EEA51) as soon as conditions and funding are in place.

Permission has been given (thank you Angela), for some stone to be laid in the bottom field by Middle St. as this area becomes very muddy in bad weather. To be done as soon as weather conditions allow(!) hopefully in the next few weeks.

I’m afraid that many of the footpaths in the Nastend and Nupend area have been closed because of all the new house building. There is a meeting planned for October between the Developers, County, and District Officers and PROW Officer. I hope that they will agree to have some of the paths re-opened as a matter of urgency. If you have particular concerns, contact your District and County Councillors, and County Footpaths Officer.


Any Farmer or Landowner who would like to replace old stiles, can replace them with a new Kissing Gate (normally £230 ) for the cost of a new stile £45. !!!! What an offer! and what a chance to improve our Local Footpath network. Anyone interested should contact our PROW Officer, Sarah, at . ( Please note Capitals )
There may be a limit to numbers available,……. so act quickly!!

The Eastington Walking Group are very active, and their latest walk was on September 16th to Cambridge (stopping at the George for a break) and returning via Peter Street. Keep checking on Facebook, and the local notice boards for the next walk, and go along for a healthy ‘ fun ‘ walk with other enthusiastic walkers.

Please contact me if you have any ‘ Footpath Issues ‘. Don’t forget to ‘ be adventurous ‘ and try some footpaths that you haven’t walked before.

Best wishes, Bill Edwards Ph. 824452. ( )