ECO Community Orchard Group

Community Pond at Coneygree Orchard – by the Junior Section

The Monday-after-school group of children, under the eye of Emma of Raffles Forest School, have made great progress in clearing a derelict corner of Coneygree Orchard. Their choice was to create a pond area in the existing stream bed, which they discovered when they cleared away the brambles.
One parent kindly dug out the pond and ECO members voted at their AGM to provide financial support for landscaping the area – making it safer, providing pond dipping shelves, planting willows etc

To welcome back the Junior Section – now 20 children strong, senior ECO members used a hired JCB to do the heavy work of landscaping and creating access paths.  Creating the paths, ready for hardcore to be laid, just meant stripping back the top layer, creating many large lumps of ‘turf’.  The children themselves have moved all these down into the landscaped area to create a new grassed surface.


The 8th Parish Apple Day – Saturday 20th October  OHMG from 12 noon

Come along to join in our ever-popular apple pressing day,outside the OHMG Community Centre.

If you have some apples and/or pears, bring them with you and watch them transform into tasty juice.

As you can see, all ages are welcome to help with juice making and then taking some home as a reward.

If you can spare a couple of hours in the morning to visit an orchard and collect fruit, please contact Tom on 823425 or 07974 369680.
Please dial the same numbers if you have fruit but would like help gathering it.

Extra Fun with Apples
This year we will have a new feature with apple-related games, organised by Emma from Raffles Forest School. We will have more news about this and the apple pressing through the school nearer the time.