St Michaels and all Angels

Rector : Revd. Steve Harrison 07466 858975 or rectorstroudwater@gmail.comHon.

Curate : Revd. Angela Reeder 01453 827446

Church Wardens :
Mike Naylor (01453 828682) or
Muriel Bullock (01453 826173) or
Hon. Churchwarden : Jill Simmons (01453 825303


As this year is the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War we are planning on putting together an exhibition in the Church as the War Memorial is within the Churchyard.

Julie Mitchell who won the 1st prize with her tree at the Christmas Tree Festival called Poppies, Berries and Poinsettia – Lest We Forget – has agreed to help me with this task.

The following are a list of the families from Eastington who lost men in both wars:

In the 1st World War of 1914 to 1918.

In the 2nd World War 1939 to 1945

If any of the above families are still within the village or surrounding area or if people know where they are, could they please get in touch as we would like to get as much information on the people who were lost in both wars to inform the villagers of today as to what happened to them and something about their lives.

Steve Mills has kindly said he will help with old photographs of the village and surrounding area during that time; The Ladies of Eastington have also said they would very much like to help out with perhaps knitting/crocheting poppies in both red and lilac (for the animals lost) and anything else we can think of and the Kings Head have shown an interest in possibly cooking food from that time over

Armistice weekend which this year happens to fall on the weekend of 11th November.

The Government have also asked if as many people as possible could ring bells (any sort be it hand bells etc) on that Sunday in tribute to the fallen both in Church/Schools/Playgroups etc which we are hoping to do in Church as well.
The other thought was to run a café in Church selling food from that period over the weekend of 9th/10th/11th November when the exhibition will be open to all the villagers.

We also are after 33 pairs of old leather boots to line the path up to the Church to denote the number of men lost in both Wars. So if any one has any old boots they can donate they would be very much appreciated.

If anyone has any camouflage netting that would also be very welcome as would any men who could help with building a representation of a dug out so the children could see what it was like during those days in Flanders.

Jacky Naylor 01453 822728

Leaky Roof

St Michael & All Angels Church Eastington – Leaky Roof
When the hot weather is over make sure you look out your brolly if you are thinking of coming to Church!

The roof of our 14th Century church has developed some serious leaks especially over the entrance door inside the Church and above the celebrated blue Denny windows. The north facing roof slope (the one facing the road) is in very poor condition. Various local repairs have been carried out over the years and we are now having to employ a builder to carry out some further patch repair. However, this does not remove the need in the not too distant future to completely renew the north facing roof cover.

This will be a mammoth task. The roof cover is of graduated Cotswold stone tiles which means there are very large tiles at the eaves which get progressively smaller towards the ridge. Such roofs are very costly to replace and since the Church is Grade II* listed there is no cheaper alternative.

The cost of the emergency repair work which is due to commence in August will have a significant impact on the church’s modest resources and this money has to be found by St Michael and All Angels Parochial Church Council and there is no help from the Diocese in this regard.

Once the emergency repairs are completed we will have to think of ways of raising substantial funds for more extensive repairs. There are various grants and other sources of finance we may be able to access but we will need to put together a plan with costing and a timetable to make a credible bid.

The church has served the inhabitants of this parish for many centuries and has played a central role in many historical events including the Reformation, a Civil War and two World Wars. The repair project will be a challenge but if successful will ensure the building will remain serviceable for future generations.

We need a person who is willing to take on this once in a lifetime rewarding project. If you are you that person or would be willing to lead or form part of a project team then please let me know.

Mike Naylor, Churchwarden St Michael and all Angels Church