1st Eastington Brownies

The weather on Wednesday evenings has certainly provided us some opportunities to get out doors this term. You may have seen us out in the village, as we completed a rose petal trail to Snakey Park or stormed the Co-op to buy ice-creams, so we could check out our local surroundings for mapping on a blank OS map for the “Out & About” badge.

We’ve had a teddy bears picnic with teddy’s in fancy dress, naturally prizes were tiny rubberducksin honour of Eastington’s own duck race.

Naturally everyone had a fantastic time “sliding” at our end of term slip & slide party and consuming 2 litres of ice cream afterwards! However, the highlight of the term had to be our fund raising and recruitment drive at the Duck race. The brownies were amazing in securing customers and have received their fund-raising badge as a reward.

We’ve done some serious things too, as we took part in the “Future Girl” survey to let politicians know what the girls of the future are concerned about. We combined Parliament’s Equalities event with a Promise ceremony & a last chance to do the brownie Hostess badge; before we embark on the new programme in September, which we are all excited about. However, the official badge to mark 100 years of the woman’s vote was given back by one brownie who thought it was too boring !

Planning is underway for our first brownie sleepover in October and we are always looking for opportunities to get involved in the life of the village, so please contact me if you have events running we could join in.

Also, if you have a new brownie for us, between the ages of 7-10 years old, please contact Brown Owl on (01453) 825577

Ava Martin, Age 9 yrs, ; creative story written for her writers’ badge.

The Lost Cat

Once upon a time, there was a cat called Topsy, she was a mischievous cat that lived in a cottage with her owner Rose. Topsy would usually come in at night but one cold dark night she didn’t. The next morning Rose called her, but she didn’t, so after school Rose went looking for her. She looked and looked but Topsy was nowhere after 2 weeks she was still missing. Rose looked and looked again, and one night she heard a strange noise coming from the attic. So, Rose went up to look if she was hiding, but there was no sign of a cat, so Rose went back to bed. But once again she heard a strange noise coming from a different place, it was from across the hall, so she checked but there was nothing there.
“Strange” Rose whispered to herself.

So, she went back to her room and the next time she was awoken by her alarm clock and she went to check up in the attic hopeful she would find Topsy sleeping or meowing, but no one was there. After school she had to clean her room, and spotted Topsy hidden under the bed in a box filled with toys & cushions!!!!

The End