New Wood Fired Pizza at the Kings Head – Review

It was always going to be potentially difficult assignment to help sort.

Find somewhere to eat which is within a short ride or walk of where we live on Bath Road, somewhere which offers good food and drink in a pleasant and relaxing environment and most importantly, somewhere which would appeal to my 21 year old son bringing his girlfriend to visit us for the very first time.

Yes there was always the lovely Badger, but we’ve been there so many times in the recent past, we decided we might want to try something different? Choose the wrong venue for this extremely important occasion though and you run the risk of quite literally biting off more than you can chew!!

How about The Kings Head I heard someone say, they’ve got a brand new wood fired oven and are currently offering 20 per cent off your bill. Everyone loves a good pizza don’t they? So in we went.

Liz the manager on the Saturday evening we visited made everyone extremely welcome. We each chose a different style of pizza – all priced between 8 and 10 pounds and quite honestly they were simply delicious.

Whether it was a Quattro Formaggi – containing four tasty Italian cheeses or the simply sounding but still special tasting Caprino -containing Mozzarella, sweet and sour red onions, goats cheese and pine nuts – the options were extensive and the service warm and friendly. There was a vegetarian pizza too.

Having spoken to Liz beforehand and heard about her hope and ambitions, I must admit I had booked our table with confidence and a slight hope that maybe this time, after so many re-starts and false dawns, it might finally be the beginning of a bright new future for the Kings Head.

As a purely independent observer and someone who is quite prepared to speak as I find, I can happily report that all four of our party said they’d rate the new restaurant and its take away menu 10 out of 10.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, my son’s new girlfriend visiting from London was particularly impressed with our village and its temporary ducks, as we were of her.

We had a great weekend in more ways than one and in no small part to the part played by Liz and her team at the Kings Head.

Thanks – David Aston