Eastington Duck Races

Once again, the Eastington Duck Race and Summer Fete was a great success. Everyone had a good time and we raised a whopping amount towards the school funds. For this we must thank all of you who attended and parted with your money, but also our volunteers and local businesses who are are mind blowingly brilliant. We can’t name everyone to helped with Duck Races, we had more volunteers than ever before, but there are a few that should be especially acknowledged:

I want to start by thanking ‘Miss Treated ‘, our amazing band, they added so much to the event, gave their time for free and were just fantastic very much appreciated by young and old – and those in the middle too!.

BJs Birthday Bar – Barry-Jon of the old Badger, who managed to get so much support from so many great folk and ran the bar so professionally – the G&T went down a treat.

The BBQ was brilliantly run by Joanna Hayward from the Bell Inn, no one envied Jo or Tom working in the heat for 3 straight hours!

And of course our set up team, the companies who sponsored duck races and games, our game arrangers, our cake backers, our tea makers, the crafters who donated to locally made, our emergency shop runners, the toy donators, our teachers who came to school at the weekend, the road crossers, everyone who manned a stall, the kids who took part in the displays, those who stayed and cleaned up, those who worked all day and everyone who came and enjoyed the event! (Sorry if I missed anyone!).
Jennifer Empson


Star of the show for the editor was The Human Fruit machine – three children sitting behind those boxes – on the count of three each of them – on their whim – holds out either an apple an orange or a banana; Three of a kind and you win!.





Our local Police Liaison Persons arranged some demos – (and enjoyed the Brownies Stall!)