Editorial 169


Dear Readers,
Well it is amazing what life can throw at you and what you can learn. During the two months since I last put this magazine to bed, my bowel cancer has been suspected, scanned, diagnosed, and (hopefully) fully removed in a major operation. The NHS has many failings, it is certainly short of cash and a bit clunky, but I have met a huge number of frontline staff at both Gloucester and Cheltenham on this whirlwind journey, and the dedication to the work that they do and the genuine care that they offer as individuals – every single one of them – has been truly uplifting. And now here I am, functioning a bit slowly, but certainly alive and very grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me so much. Thank you. Jan.
It would seem that summer HAS arrived – even if it is still a bit patchy at the moment! The garden beckons and holidays are in the air – so whether you are in a deckchair on your lawn or the beach – or waiting at the airport, we hope you enjoy this latest edition of ECN and it’s little look back over the last two months’ activities in and around Eastington and it’s brilliant community.
Jan, Tom and Mary.