Eastington Primary School – School Council

Our role as members of the Eastington School Council is to give a voice to the children of Eastington Primary School.

We have two representatives for each of our five classes, allowing children to participate in formulating new ideas for our school and community. We also support charities, as well as having close links with Llanga Llanga School in Kenya, and Charles Dickens Primary School, London.

We meet once each term to discuss thoughts and ideas from all children to ensure that we all have a voice, giving everyone the opportunity to continually introduce new and different ideas to improve and contribute to the wider world. Sometimes we have a breakfast meeting which is extra fun as the croissants are lovely!
Here is a list of some of the activities and events we helped organise this year:

● Sponsored Class Marathon- it got us all active and raised approximately £1000 for CLIC Sargent Cancer/Leukaemia in Children & school).
● We entered the Christmas Tree Festival in the Church, our theme was ‘Twas the night before Christmas’. Some children knitted stockings, some children made tree decorations – we were delighted when we came second!
● Our School Christmas performances raised money for Headway, a local charity that supports people who have had a serious head injury.
● All the school took part in World Book Day when we dressed as favourite book characters. A parents shared why reading was important to him in assembly and we all shared our favourite books with each other. The School playground markings – the School Council proposed new designs to enhance the playground, including play equipment.
● Did you spot ‘Yolkman Pat’ on our Easter Egg Trail? We made the egg together.
● We are currently collecting pre-loved football shirts which will be shipped to Llanga Llanga School in Kenya: they love their football as much as some of us!
● We are constantly thinking about how to keep ourselves safe: posters have been designed for placing around the school to remind us about road safety.

We have had a fun and busy year and look forward to continuing our involvement next year too.

Eastington School Council