Eastington Playgroup

Summer Newsletter

During the last term we planted seeds and looked at different life cycles. Following that we had great fun exploring St George’s Day and made sheilds and swords, crowns and hats using our imaginations and learning about the use of tools and different materials.

To celebrate the Royal Wedding the children made their own sandwiches for our ‘ street party’, and took it in turns to act out being the bride and groom, a member of the Royal family or wedding party. We had lots of comments from parents on facebook when we put the video on for everyone to see. The children were eager to share their news the following week about watching the wedding on the television with their families.

The final week of the half term we played lots of sharing and turn taking games which all support the children’s confidence and friendships, helping prepare them with invaluable personal, social and emotional skills.

Pre School sessions at Eastington Primary School are going well, children are becoming more familiar with their new surroundings with Mandy and Donna who run this session on Wednesday afternoons during the summer term.

We wish all the children lots of luck in their next step at big school.
Next term we are planning a visit from a fire engine, the tooth fairy and a doctor coming to talk to us, an ice cream van is visiting and finally Teddy Tunes.    Its going to be a very busy final half term!

Have a great summer everyone !!

Our playgroup offers care and education for all children from 2 ½ years to 4 years 11 months in a well established community based group.
We offer your children a safe and stimulating environment in which they can grow and blossom into self confident, self reliant and positive little people.
Our ultimate goal is to enable the children to have fun, explore and have the freedom to express their individuality, while forming the basis of their education.
We have a few spaces available for new children to start in September and operate 4 days a week offering full and half day sessions. We also accept government nursery vouchers and other types of employer supported childcare vouchers.
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