Eastington Primary School

During British Science week (12 – 16 thMarch) we were privileged to have a visit from Hayley Pincott, a
Pathologist from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Hayley worked with every class in the school and
the subject matter of her workshops varied.
Class 1 and 2 made a human body map and class 3 made stethoscopes and listened to their heart rate. Class 4
looked at the different blood groups using coloured water in test tubes. Class 5 extracted DNA and were able
to see a band of their own DNA using a variety of solutions mixed together.

Class 1 loved working together to make a body map out of a variety of materials and remembered many of
the facts Hayley shared with them. Here’s what they have to say!

George Ashworth – I liked talking to Mrs Pincott.
Freya – I enjoyed learning about the bones.
Arlo – If you didn’t have bones you would be like a pancake.
Jacob – I enjoyed learning about our body.
Jack – The heart beats.
Sophie Fairbain – I love learning with you Mrs Pincott.
Katie – I have learned the heart pumps and pumps and pumps and pumps.
Theo – Our food goes into a stomach.
Jayden – The heart beats two times.
Brooklyn – The ribs keep the heart safe.
Gabriel – I enjoyed sticking the bones.
Owen – The brain helps us learn.
Harry – The ribs protect your heart.
Sophie McBride – I learnt that your blood pumps up your body.
Jasmine – Your heart pumps blood all around my body and then it goes all the way to my heart again.
Lottie – I learnt that you have 206 bones in your body.
Phoebe – Your heart beats two times and pumps blood all around your body.
Red – I learnt the heart pumps blood and it makes your body move.
Charlotte – I enjoyed when the body was made and the blood goes around.
Beatrice – I learnt that after your blood has been all around your body it comes back to your heart.
George Ackland – The ribs protect the heart.
Rupert – I enjoyed it when Mrs Pincott told me things.
Cory – I liked sticking the brain on.
Leo – You have bones.
Braxton – Your rib cage covers your heart.
Addy – Your intestines mix up your food up in a big pile.
Otto – Our brain helps us think.
Amelie – I like science because it makes me write.
Barnaby – The stomach is like a balloon.
Thomas – I liked sticking.