Eastington Primary School

Here, at Eastington Primary School, class two have been learning how to become Super Heroes! We want to be great thinkers with good mental health. We learn to ‘bounce back’ and as this is not necessarily an innate skill; we all need to practice.

Through thought provoking and exciting activities, we are encouraged to develop resilience, self-confidence and a pride in ‘being me’.

We want our children to have the skills to think before acting and it is hoped that this will create more confident, resilient children with raised aspirations and sense of self.

Some of the children in class 2 would like to tell you what makes them special, a time when they have shown resilience, what they need to get better at and how they can help others in their daily lives. Here is what they have to say!

  • Marcie has been resilient in maths, she’s found division tricky but hasn’t given up!
  • Harrison helps others by helping them up if they fall over.
  • Nathan is special because he has French heritage in his family, he wants to get better at speaking French too.
  • Jack helped his Dad when he hurt his leg.
  • Dexter wants to get better at swimming and swim 10 metres.
  • Basil is special because he knows a lot about dinosaurs.
  • Rosa is special because she can put her leg all the way around her head!
  • Rio helped Finley when he fell over in the playground.
  • Maude has shown resilience in her ballet classes, preparing for the Peter Pan show.
  • Rubie has been resilient when trying to play basketball at school. She didn’t get the ball in the hoop, but she tried and tried and eventually it went in.
  • Seren is going to help others by picking up litter from the floor.
  • Quinn is special because he plays football for a local football team.
  • Lola is special because she won a bike race with Phoenix.
  • Adam is special because he can swim 25 metres.
  • Maisie has been resilient when learning to ride her bike.
  • Freya would like to get better at her joined-up handwriting.
  • Emma is kind and helpful to others.
  • Harry is special because he scored a goal at football.
  • Liyah would like to get better at front crawl in her swimming lessons.
  • Purdey is special because she is kind to injured animals.
  • Phoenix would like to get better at her maths.
  • Bethan is special because she competes in cheer leading competitions.
  • Oscar is special because he is the only person in class 2 that can speak Japanese.
  • Laila was resilient when learning to ride her bike.
  • Finley was resilient in a football match because he fell down and stood straight back up and scored a goal.
  • Florence needs to get better at remembering to use capital letters at the beginning of her sentences.
  • Harun has shown resilience in his writing recently.
  • Violet would like to get better at her maths.
  • Izzy was resilient in maths recently, she tried her best.
  • Jacob is special because he has a farmyard and chickens.