Eastington Primary School

Here at Eastington Primary, our community stretches far and wide, beyond our school gates and even beyond the village itself. We are lucky enough to have pen pals in both London and Kenya. Some of the children in Class 4 would like to share their experiences with you.

Bea, year 5:  My pen pal is Ana and she goes to Charles Dickens school in London. We went to Wick Court Farm to meet them. When we spent time we each other, I felt really happy because she was very kind to me. One the walk we picked flowers. I loved meeting my buddy and hearing about her life.

Cameron, year 5 : My buddy’s name is Yonzy. He lives in London. To be paired up, we met at Wick Court Farm. It was so nerve-racking on the way there because all we knew was their name. When I met Yonzy I was astonished to hear that he was ten years old and only around a centimetre taller than me! One main difference is that he lives in the city and I live in a village but we both love video games.

James, year 5 : I like my pen pal Elias. He lives in London and Charles Dickens is the school he goes to. When I first met him, I felt rather worried that he was going to be completely different from me, but as time passed, I grew into him. He is kind, but with quite a mischievous sense of humour, meaning he is quite funny to talk to! I really giggle at some of the tricks he plays! Most of all though, I really enjoyed having a game of football with him and all our friends. I would really want to see him again.

Daisy, year 5 : My pen pal’s name is Sirra and she goes to Charles Dickens Primary school in London. We met at Wick Court Farm. When I met her, she told me a bit about herself. She is eleven years old and is in year 6. She is really kind and quite funny too. I was really excited to have a London buddy. They have a different experience to us because they live is such a big city.

 Max, year 4 : My pen pal’s name is Silvania. She lives in Kenya and goes to Langa Langa Primary. We write letters to each other. Her letters are covered in her amazing drawings. She doesn’t get paper too often and her school usually writes on pre-used paper but when she writes to me she uses lined paper as a special usage. She writes as neatly as possible so she doesn’t waste paper. Two years ago we raised money in a fun run to buy solar lamps for them, so the children could revise for their exams. To think we are 7,000 miles away and yet we are still friends.

 Matilda, year 4 : My pen pal’s name is Ashly, she lives in Kenya. Ashly goes to Langa Langa Primary in Gilgil. We sent Easter cards last year and Mr Dougan took them to Kenya for us. It is wonderful to have letters back from the other side of the world. We have raised money for them as they couldn’t do their homework without light. We bought them 64 solar lights. Even though there are about 7,000 miles between us, we still are great friends completely through letters! I can’t wait for the next one.

Imi, year4 : My pen pal lives in Kenya. She likes to draw animals in their habitat and she is very good at it. I am looking forward to chatting more with her in our letters. She is very excited and would like me to draw her an elephant. She also likes drawing and I have been hoping for her to send me more of her pictures. She is a very good artist. We have raised money for the Kenyan children to have lights at home to do their homework.

Ted, year 4 : My buddy goes to Langa Langa Primary in Kenya. I like having a buddy because it gives me something to think about at home and what their reaction is to my letters. It’s also quite fun writing the actual letter. It makes me feel happy writing to her. We also make Easter cards to the children. I hope my card got a good reaction.