Snakey Park

Update from the Friends of Snakey Park

We’ve had a great summer in the park, it’s a real pleasure to see so many people enjoying the space. The new roundabout has proved very popular and provision of the loo has allowed people to stay and play longer.
Our new volunteers have been a great help emptying the bins and carrying out visual inspections, the work load is much less when we can all share a little. So we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped care for the space during this busy time.
We still have a few bits ongoing including the provision of some fencing in between the skate ramps and the car park and hopefully a few new little bits for the play space, we will let everyone know when we have more information.
We have also had the official opening of the skate ramps. To mark this we organised a Skate Jam which offered participants a chance to learn new skills on both scooters and skateboards. The event was free and open to all, with refreshments provided by Eastington School PA . The Skate Jam ended up being held over two dates as the first was rained off, but both days were well attended and enjoyed by the participants.
While the children and young people leant new skills they were able to once again show us all that the young people of Eastington are both brave and resilient. We have a full report below from one of our participants.
If you would like to get in touch with the Friends of Snakey Park you can find us on Facebook or contact us via the parish council.

What a day we had at the Skate Jam Grand Opening!

My name is Poppy Jones, and before the Skate Jam I could not go down any of the ramps as I was terrified. The skating coach was very supportive and gave me some encouraging advice. Although it started to rain we still had a great scooter session. By the end of the day I was able to go down the ramp and since then I have worked out how to go down another ramp and am so proud of myself.
The second part of the Skate Jam took place on Tuesday 26th September. The instructor showed us how to position our feet on a skate board in order to be able to go down the ramps. We all had fun, even though some of us came away with a few bruises!