Well, Autumn has well and truly arrived!!……………. misty mornings and damp starts, BUT,… lovely Autumn colours appearing on the trees and in the hedgerows,……… another good reason to get out and use our local footpaths!

In order to make it easier to use our footpaths, kissing gates have been installed across our Parish over the last 10 years or so, largely with the support of our Parish Council, but also with private individuals paying for some installations.

PROWD has recently been awarded some money by the Ramblers Association, and I am currently applying for further grants from two local sources. There is obviously always a lot of “coordinating” to be done between Landowners, Suppliers, Contractors, and County Council in order to ‘make things happen’ !!

A “charity” Bank account has also had to be opened in order to receive donations, and to keep clear records of all monies received, and monies spent.
I am hopeful that PROWD will be successful with its ‘local bids’ as a lot of careful planning and documentation has been involved in the application process. Any money received will go towards further improvements in our footpath network.

I was contacted recently by Parishioners who were concerned about the footpaths and bridleways in the Nastend area, due to the new housing development. I called in to see the ‘on-site’ foreman, and he made sure that all paths were clear and open for normal use.

On the subject of “open footpaths”, if anyone feels that they would like to help to clear paths during the Winter months,…………….. please contact me, and I can make arrangements for a ‘working group’ to meet-up.

Just time to mention our TWO walks,…. both on SUNDAY 15th October.
LOCAL Walk : 1300 at the BADGER About one hour. lead by Bill ( 824452 )
PAINSWICK Walk : 1300 at Gamages Lane car park. 3-4 hrs. Lead by Vanessa ( 828557)
Let’s all hope for a gentle, quiet and colourful Autumn and some enjoyable walks.
Best wishes, Bill Edwards