Parish Matters

Parishioners of Eastington, if you have hedges around your property that run alongside roads or footpaths they probably need cutting back to allow safe passage. The warmth and rain has meant that many of path/roadside hedges are now very overgrown and causing issues when trying to walk/drive along footpaths/lanes within the village. The long strands of brambles particularly catch pedestrians unawares and it hurts to get one of those in the face. Please can you all assist in continuing to help our parish be a place of beauty and safety. Many thanks.

While we’re on the subject of the parish being a place of beauty and safety, many of you will be pleased to see our village gateways have been installed.
Sadly, it took a long time for Highways to install the signs so the flowers for the gateways are past their best.


The flowers will soon be updated with winter pansies and daffodils for the spring. We’re fortunate that we have a few volunteers that will water the flowers in dry periods, but more volunteers welcome especially on Bath Road and Claypits Road.
Anyone that would like to get involved with watering / planting / donating bulbs or plants, please do get in touch with the Parish Clerk.

New bus shelters are to be installed in October thanks to a grant through County Councillor Williams using her Local Highways budget to part-fund the replacement. The concrete shelter on Spring Hill and the shelter on Alkerton Road will be replaced.
We’re also having a new litter bin installed outside the Co-op. The new bin will have a section for cans and plastic bottles so please do help with recycling our waste. Expected installation is w/c 16th October. The old bin will ||be relocated to Spring Hill and used at the entrance to the community orchard.

There is a vacancy on the Parish Council for a councillor if anyone is interested. We meet once a month for 2 hours to make decisions for the parish, and the rest of the month you can be as involved in our projects and activities as you wish. Anyone over the age of 18 and living within 3 miles of the parish can apply; we would particularly like someone with knowledge of the planning system but other skills also useful. Please contact the Parish Clerk for more details.

Julie Shirley,,    01453 799616

Update: Gateway planters are now ready for winter, pansies and bulbs all planted – thank you to the volunteers for all the help