Editorial 165

Dear Readers,
Well we are definitely into the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ now. We are surrounded by the bounty of autumn – from the brambles in the hedgerows to the glorious array of produce that was on display at the well attended Autumn Veg and Flower Show. Well done all who entered, winners or not!      It has also been heartwarming to see so many of you kindly sharing your harvests by offering your excess fruit and veg to those passing by your gardens – it certainly makes a walk around the village an even more rewarding experience. Thank you.
I think that we may have started another long-running tradition with the advent of the very successful ‘Yard Trail’ this month. Like the Egg hunt in the spring, it seemed to bring the whole village out, and it is great to see every one coming together to enjoy these communal events. There is no doubt that the Eastington community does these things rather well! For more proof, see the article on the long awaited Skate Jam, the horse show, the continuing success of the new Ladies of Eastington group and the first advertised showing in the new community cinema.…. Not forgetting the regular community walks, the upcoming Halloween ‘trail’ and the ever popular Parish Apple Day – amongst other things!
Thank you to all who took part in our survey last time – details are inside.
We hope you enjoy this edition of your Parish Magazine.


Jan & Tom Low and Mary Gribble