Eastington Community Orchard

Changes of Leadership for ECO in 12th Anniversary Year

2019-2022 Annual General Meeting

Kevin Dalby stepped down as Coneygree Orchard Warden after 12 years of service in the post. Kevin has been a pillar of ECO for all these years, staring with researching and planning the selection of all the 58 trees you can now see maturing at Coneygree.

Kevin led by example, pouring energy into planting trees (ramming a support post, left) building paths and fences.

Often supported by Donna and/or children, Kev was equally active during the annual round of Apple Days. Seen here (right) shaking cider apples to be caught in a blanket below (or hitting heads of volunteers holding the blanket)
Coneygree stands as testament to Kevin’s enthusiasm, which is appreciated by all ECO members.

“Plant vegetables for yourself but plant trees for your grandchildren”

Other Committee Changes

Since the last AGM, pre-covid, Gloria Morris has retired after 11 years as Treasurer. Her assiduous book-keeping and presentation of accounts was a cornerstone to ECO gaining grants from various bodies from £500 to £8,000. The John Deere sit-on mower is the pride of our assets, ably wielded by husband John. Both John and Gloria were thanked by the AGM for their behind-the-scenes service.

Wendy Fabbro also stepped down as Chair, having steered ECO through the difficult years of Covid lockdowns, social distancing and “rule of six”. An un-enviable 3-year stint, much appreciated.

The AGM welcomed John Livingstone as Coneygree Orchard Warden, Andrea Steeden-Crane as Treasurer and Tom Low as Interim Chair.

Debbie Cunningham remains as Orchard Warden, having cared for Brownings Orchard throughout Covid with just husband Mark handling the mowing.

Emma Levan and David Aston also carry on, having jointly staged the very successful Picnic-in-the-Orchard on Jubilee Day (and being asked to do it again next year!).

ECO events coming up

Apple Days are with us, if you have any spare apples or pears, please contact Tom.

Parish Apple Day will be Saturday 22nd October at the OHMG – fun for all the family – bring apples if you have any to spare but most importantly bring yourselves

A schedule for winter tree planting and spring pruning will be in the next ECN. Why not join in and learn?

STOP PRESS: Freshly pressed apple juice now available at the Farm Shop!