Editorial June 2022

For the last time from us, Dear Readers, Hello!

As many of you will have seen, Jan, Tom and Mary are ready for a break and are stepping down from the production of ECN.

We have had a wonderful time sharing your stories and events and helping to promote the great community spirit that exists in our village. Community is a very precious thing, and we hope that we have helped to nurture it here in Eastington.

But, ECN is not silenced so easily, and will continue after a brief pause in the very capable hands of a brand new production team led by Sue Halas.

We wish Sue every success, and hope that she will derive as much pleasure from celebrating our community with you as we have all done.

So, huge thanks to all who are or have been a part of ECN,
and we look forward to joining you, our readers!
Jan, Tom and Mary.