The Village hall has a website for bookings

Visit us on our NEW website!

also on

As we look forward to an easing of the Covid restrictions, the Village Hall committee has taken the plunge and decided to launch the Eastington Village Hall website. If you would like to book the hall, you can visit the website and check the availability.

You will be able to make a provisional booking :-

directly on the website,
or by emailing
or calling 01453 826172 or 07715 962309

You’ll be able to make your booking “public” if you wish to the community to be able to see your event on the website calendar and have access to your contact details. Your booking can also be “private” of course.

There are many active groups regularly taking place at the hall – if you might like to join in just check the calendar for dates and contact details!

Huge thanks go to Queenie Jones, who looked after the village hall bookings for so many years. Queenie has now retired from taking the bookings, but is still an active member of the Village Hall Committee.

Mary Gribble, on behalf of the Village Hall Committee