Parish Matters – Feb 2022

For Eastington Parish Council the start of 2022 is already a busy time – with some long awaited, key projects about to commence. The earliest of these schemes is to remedy the flooding on Spring Hill. The pre-phase one work took place before Christmas and Phase One work, involving pipe laying, will begin on 24th January. Phase Two is still at the planning stage, however, we have been assured that this will be undertaken early in the next financial year.

The second pressing project we have highlighted is to improve the safety of residents Bath Road. The issues identified by the residents living in this part of the parish are two-fold – the speed of traffic and pedestrian safety. For the beginning of February, the Parish Council has ordered a Highways Department traffic survey along Bath Road and Claypits. This survey is a prelude to the introduction of Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) along this route through the village. In addition to this, and following a site visit, Highways have promised to significantly widen Bath Road’s pedestrian footpath/pavement.

A third planned undertaking is to renovate the much-used path through the burial ground. The intention is for the path to be widened and to match the quality of the footpath through the orchard. Councillors have met already with contractors and we hope to soon receive their tenders. Notices will be posted when work is due to start.

Parishioners who enjoy walking the parish’s many footpaths will be pleased to learn that we are now able to return to our intention of installing two kissing gates annually. The process has begun to replace two stiles in Nupend with kissing gates – and we are currently awaiting landowner permission.
The installation of defibrillators is much in the news. We currently have four in the parish – outside the church (but see below), outside Old Badger, at OHMG, by John Staytes and one at Westend Suites. A sixth defibrillator is about to be installed outside The Travel Lodge. All the defibs are registered.

Last but not least, we have to bid farewell to a highly valued member of the ‘team’. For the last few years Karen Hayes has been the part-time Planning Clerk to the Parish Council. During that time, her knowledge and hard work have been invaluable. Recently Karen has taken on a new professional role, which means that we will sadly lose her services. We would like to thank her for all her support for the Parish, and wish her every success in the future.

EPC would like to wish you all a happy, healthy 2022.

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Please note that the defib at the Church is suffering from a dying battery.
A new one has been ordered, and will be fitted as soon as possible