Have you had all the jabs you are able to?

To everyone who has had all the jabs for which they are eligible.

Vaccination is the only real weapon we have in this war. You are protecting yourself AND you are helping to stop Covid in its tracks.

We are winning, but have not won yet – if you have not had all the jabs you are able to, please think about doing so. You will protect yourself and perhaps become one more refuge denied to the virus – it really is a numbers game.

Find available drop-in centres here:-


Self-test at home

To further help stop the virus from spreading, please test yourself before going into crowded situations, just to make sure you are not carrying any virus around.

The latest tests are very easy and comfortable to do. You should be able to collect supplies at the chemist, but if not you can place an order on-line and some will be posted to you.



Look after yourself

Restrictions will be eased (hopefully) as more eligible people become fully vaccinated and the numbers of infections are further driven down – but the restrictions did help too. So remember to look after yourself still as they are lifted – Maintain good hand hygiene, seek good ventilation, avoid unnecessary close contact with strangers, wear masks if appropriate…… you know the drill!    Be kind too yourself.