Eastington Methodist Church

Our Café Church services have been looking into the life and times of Joseph (the coat of many colours one) and this Old Testament story draws to its end in February as Joseph eventually dies having been used by God to save the lives of not just those in Egypt but also many in the surrounding nations including his family. This family went on to grow into a nation and were God’s own special people.

In our March Café Church we will be looking at the raising of Lazarus from the dead. It is a story of despair that turns into joy as well as a witness to the love and power of God shown through Jesus. This is a New Testament story which takes place not long before Jesus is arrested, tried and executed only to rise from the dead himself a few days later.

These services start with hot and cold drinks and finish with cakes. Everyone is welcome and there is something for all age groups to engage with.
The other Sunday services are usually taken by a visiting preacher or our own minister and all start at 11am. We are always happy to welcome new people; no need to dress up, come as you are – perfection is definitely not a requirement – Jesus did not come for the perfect!

Youth Club – we expect youth club to be running every Friday throughout February and March. New members are welcome and we would also be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to help us run the youth club. The youth club has been running for over 20 years now and we must be reaching a time now when some of the earliest members must have children of youth club age themselves.

If you’d like to know more; or you’d just like someone to talk to; or if we can help in any way; give us a call.

Ken & Beck Burgin 01453 827414 or 07511197265 or email: info@EastingtonMethodists.org.uk