Our bus – All change

In August 2021 the buses serving Eastington were changed. There are upsides and downsides to these changes – the downsides particularly disadvantaging anyone working in Stroud.

What used to be our bus route into Stroud has effectively been replaced by the Number 64 bus – which now only really serves Great Oldbury. From Stroud it comes through Stonehouse and the new estate as far as Westend (Gt. Oldbury Dr) but then turns away from us up to Whitminster and on to Gloucester. There is one small concession in the form of one bus a day (6:22 am) coming to Eastington Cross for Stroud, and one (17:30 pm) from Stroud to Eastington Cross.

This bus runs every thirty mins, with an hourly service on Sunday and bank holidays. It also provides a late evening service, with the last one leaving Stroud at 10pm. This all very good IF if you have the health, strength and inclination to slog all the way up to Westend and back. (Why on earth they couldn’t have sent one around the village occasionally is anyone’s guess and very frustrating)

What is now our ‘new’ village bus is the number 65. This runs from Eastington Cross through to Stonehouse and then Gloucester in the one direction, and to Cam, Dursley, Uley, Nympsfield and eventually to Stroud in the other – including a possible change(“guaranteed connection”!) At Dursley. This runs every hour. There is a 2-hourly service on Sundays, but no evening service (last dep. 18:20 from Glocs or 18:45 from Stroud.

The journey takes around 50 mins to Stroud (!)   – Or around 35 mins to Gloucester.

Also note that to get to Stroud you now need to board the bus on the Badger side of the road!

As anyone who uses (or tries to use) the bus knows, at the moment there is considerable disruption to all services on a daily basis – often leaving people stranded or with with nightmare journeys. We know that the world is a funny old place at the moment and sincerely hope that this situation will improve. One wonders about bus drivers not being able to get to work because there are no buses…..

You can download the full time tables at:

No 64 (as at April 2022) and
No 65 (As at Jan 2022)
(If your reading – or experience – of them is any different to ours, please let us know – Ed!)

or search for more information and updates on


Good Luck!