Editorial 189

Hello Readers,

Welcome to your Autumn edition of ECN – writing that makes me wonder just where the summer went – but at least we are still blessed with some sunshine.

Harvest time is always an active time in Eastington, and this year we have been able to get back to celebrating the autumn bounty as a community once more. The Autumn Flower and Veg Show in the Village hall was a great success with plenty of green-fingered parishioners in evidence. Congratulations to all those winning prizes – and also to those who did not as the judges were very impressed with the overall standard of all the entries.

Next up we celebrate Apple Day, with the Eastington Community Orchard Group on Saturday the 2nd. Do come along to the Badger – or If you are reading this after the 2nd , as most of you will be , I hope that you joined in, had a good time and are enjoying your apple juice! Juice will be available at the Farm Shop soon.

Perhaps this is a good time to ask you to remember others who may be less fortunate than ourselves, and to support the Stroud Food Bank. There is a basket permanently just inside the Church where you can donate (non-perishable) food and other essentials. This will be delivered to the bank on a regular basis. A simple gift of a few days-worth of supplies can make a big difference to a struggling family.  (see next article) Thank you.

We hope you are all keeping well and safe.
Jan, Tom and Mary.