Editorial 188

Hello once again!

Now that the enough of us (apparently) have had our jabs, community life is slowly re-awakening. We are still advised to be cautious and not forget that Covid is still very much around, but perhaps we are learning to live with the idea – adapt rather than restrict our lives.

Community facilities are re-opening and events happening – The Badger is lively once more, the Village hall is hosting our clubs and organisations, we are seeing more of our family and friends and even – where it seems sensible – gong bare-faced! (Does anyone else feel just a bit naked when they do this?)

Sadly, one of our greatest village amenities is struggling to get going as well as it could. As with many places, our Community Centre and playing field at OHMG is suffering from ‘lack of staff’. This fantastic facility was dreamed of and built entirely by community volunteer effort. It is gifted to all of us and if, as a community, we want to keep and make full use of it, succeeding generations of volunteers (and some paid helpers) are needed to sustain it. Please note the article on page 6 and see if you would like to help build on what others have done to enrich our community so successfully.

Have a great summer!
Jan, Tom and Mary