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The Meaning of “Local Connection”

ECLT is committed to providing affordable homes that are needed by the Parish.
We are very proud of the fact that all 23 tenants of Fullers Close, Claypits had local connections to the traditional hamlets of Eastington. Either:
● They already lived here
● Or they had family connections – parents, grandparents or children living here
Above all, it means that folks have settled in much more easily – as one happy tenant put it “I knew 75% of my neighbours already!”

What’s next from ECLT

For all the 23 people who were pleased to have a new home in Fullers Close, there were a couple of dozen who missed out. A Housing Needs Survey in 2019 (HNS 2019) has shown that further affordable homes, wholly for “Local Connections”, are needed.

ECLT has been working on Project Two with to provide a further 21 homes for affordable rent, together with a new element highlighted by HNS 2019 – Affordable Shared Ownership.
Shared Ownership is for people who find buying a house on the open market unaffordable, but can raise a deposit and a mortgage for say, a half-share in a house, paying the remainder as rent.

More than a dozen people asked for this part-buy/part rent arrangement in HNS 2019.
In partnership with Two Rivers Housing Association, ECLT intends to provide 10 shared ownership homes in Project Two.
Please watch out for details in the next edition of ECN.

Vacancies for two Trustees

ECLT now has two vacancies for volunteers, to serve on the Board of Trustees. The principal attribute they will have is a willingness to help our community provide affordable homes.
Please e-mail the Secretary at tom@eastingtonclt.ltd to arrange an initial chat, stating your interest and your local connection.

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