District councillors’ Newsletter June 2021

Stephen and John would like to thank all who voted in the recent elections to put them back at Ebley Mill.

As District Councillors for Severn Ward of SDC, of which Eastington is part, it is our intention to do the best we can for all residents during the next three years. If anyone who would like any help on District Council matters, please get in touch on the contact details below.

The results of the recent elections mean that no one political party has overall control of Stroud District Council, so the Alliance of Green, Labour and Lib Dem parties looks set to continue.

The Draft Local Plan was approved by a majority decision at the full Council meeting on April 29th. None of the parcels of land in Moreton Valence and Whitminster parishes that were put forward in the extra consultation towards the end of last year were included in the Draft.

The Plan will now go for a public consultation in June and July for six weeks. Any adjustments coming from that consultation will be made before it goes for the Examination in Public by a Government Appointed Planning Inspector. This is where the parcels of land not included in the Draft, and some that were included, will come under extreme scrutiny – with Planning Barristers and Agents, employed by the developers and any opposing groups, arguing the case in front of the Inspector for respective parcels to be included, or taken out. The Public Examination is expected to start in the autumn of this year, with a final Local Plan being ready for adoption later in 2022.

Cllr.stephen.davies@stroud.gov.uk 07802 595307
Cllr.john.jones@stroud.gov.uk 07808 922913