We have been very busy so far this term, and have taken all of the opportunities the good weather has had to offer and spent lots of time outside. We have looked a lot at safety especially around fireworks this year.

With firework displays cancelled we decided to let every child have the experience of using a sparkler at playgroup. We spoke about stop, drop and roll and then held a sparkler in a carrot to protect our little hands and waved it around to develop our gross motor skills. The children commented ‘no touchy touchy it will burn you’ and ‘it’s fizzing’.



Our intention was always to make over the allotment to use in all weathers and we have certainly been able to do that since we have changed it to artificial grass. We have continued to use the allotment in the rain and the children have particularly enjoyed using our new mud kitchen. We have enjoyed many homemade delights in there from ice cream cakes to pancakes and pizza with a stone and leaf topping!They were delicious.

We have planted some bulbs which we hope to see in the spring and use to talk to the children about growth and decay.

We have been developing our imaginations further indoors too, playing with cardboard boxes and loose parts. The children have been turning these everyday items into aeroplanes, houses and other amazing works of construction. By providing the children with loose parts it develops their creativity, imagination and critical thinking. Instead of being given a stable for the animals the children will make what they need using resources that are versatile.

We are looking forward to all of the Christmas fun we have planned and filling playgroup with Christmas singing.