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Although the weather is starting to feel more Autumnal, we are still getting reports of hedgehogs giving birth to litters.

Please be aware that there may be nests in compost bins, under sheds or decking and in areas of undergrowth. If you disturb a nest, please call us immediately.

If you are tidying up your garden please check for hedgehogs before using any machinery. Strimmers and mowers can cause injuries to hedgehogs.

Before you light any fires, please make sure that a hedgehog has not climbed inside. Building bonfires on the same day that you light them or moving all the material before lighting is a good way to ensure that hedgehogs will stay safe.

Please leave piles of leaves for hedgehogs to build winter nests or hibernacula. This will give them a safe warm place for the winter months.

As we come into Autumn and Winter we are often called when people find a hedgehog that they think is too small to hibernate. Hedgehogs need to be 450g to hibernate, but the Autumn months are the time that they put on lots of weight so we need to give them a chance to do this before we take them into rescue.

You can help by putting out dried or wet cat or dog food (any variety) and ensuring they have a good supply of fresh water. If you are concerned about a hedgehog, then please follow our advice on our website and give us a call on the phone number above.

Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue Frampton on Severn GL2 7EA Registered Charity No. 1168800
www.wildhogshedgehogrescue.org.uk also on Facebook

CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19) UPDATE: We are still accepting hedgehog admissions. Please call us on 07949 976717 to make arrangements. We may ask for more details over the phone to minimise contact.