Editorial 182

Hello again!
After our break in June here we are back again – and with a bumper issue for you.

I think that without doubt, the depth and breadth of community spirit in Eastington has really shone through this crisis, with so many people so willing to really put themselves out to help others. Especially heartwarming has been the eagerness of our younger folks to come to the aid of our less sprightly members. The thread of this runs throughout this issue – but there are many more untold stories of individual acts of kindness. As a community we sometimes have our differences and odd wrangles, and disputes crop up from time to time, often too highly visible on social media – we are not saints! But when it really matters we have proved just how well we can act together to look after one another. And we all need a bit of that from time to time.

We have an unusually high number of small businesses and self-employed people in Eastington, and the pandemic has had a serious effect on many. Now that we have a hint of better times a-coming ( perhaps!) it is hopeful to see that most are battling through and adapting to this ‘new normal’. We can do a lot to help keep our little bit of the economy going, help our local people and ensure that we continue to have access to the services that we want. Please support our local businesses whenever you can.

Finally, a big thank you to all our key workers – in shops, transport, essential services and of course the NHS – to all who have been working so hard to keep the wheels turning. You are very much appreciated.

We hope you enjoy your Eastington Community News!
Tom, Jan and Mary.