Eastington Primary School – Year 6 – 2020

Here in year 6, the year is drawing to a close. What a unique final year we’ve had. We’ve had ups and downs and got through it all – we made the most of it.
During our Eastington years, we’ve had many exciting adventures and experiences. We’ve also made many friendships that will last forever. Coronavirus meant we missed doing lots of fun things, such as PGL, SATS and a leavers’ assembly, but we have looked on the bright side and look forward to the new chapter ahead of us that’s about to begin.
Scarlett and Martha

Chloe said   “During my time at Eastington, I’ve had many amazing opportunities and experiences.
In Class 2 we had a talent show, it was great fun, though I was scared to go up for my turn.
In Class 3 on the cricket trip, I waited all day for the ice cream!
In class 5 we made face masks, the plaster felt so cold, especially when my friends were applying it!
My favourite memory of all was watching the Polar Express. It was so much fun, especially as we got to wear our comfy pyjamas. ”

Sam said  “I have many good memories of my time at Eastington, here are just a few of them!
I remember in Class 1 saying good morning in Welsh when doing the register.
In Class 2 we had a talent show.
In Class 3, I was scared of the teacher at the start of the year – I soon realised how lovely she was.
In Class 4, we had fun making catapults and
in Class 5 we were very excited when we found out that our teacher was having a baby!”

Acrostic poem – Bella
L – Lockdown leavers
E – Everlasting memories
A – Adventures
V – Virus taken over some of the year
E – Eastington school is the best
R – Ruined by Corona but still all happy
S – Sad to leave this amazing school

Acrostic poem – Piers
L – Leaving school with adventures ahead
E – Everlasting memories
A – Aiming high in the future
V – Vibrant memories
E – Ending of primary school
R – Running in the future
S – Seeing interesting things