Keep Well, Keep Moving (Yoga)

What unprecedented times we are living in right now. It seems like each day there is new information to digest, new restrictions to navigate, new worries to cope with.
In such times of uncertainty it is important, now more than ever, to take care of your physical fitness and well being and to try and keep a sense of routine and order in your life.

A regular yoga practice not only provides the numerous physical benefits of increasing strength, flexibility and mobility but is also a natural anti-depressant remedy that can boost mental health. Part of yoga’s effectiveness derives from its proven ability to allow the release of tension and the lowering of cortisol levels.

Mind-body practices like yoga, where the emphasis is on deep mindful breathing, help the body to relax at its cellular level creating a state of deep rest and calm.
For me, yoga is a form of moving meditation that helps me stay in the moment as it demands (& hopefully gets) my full and undivided attention. So not only is my body increasing in strength, flexibility and mobility but so is my mind!

I have now taken all my local classes online using Live streaming on YouTube and have already been getting some really positive feedback from my regulars who have committed to keeping up their weekly practice in their homes.
If you have never practiced yoga before but think this might be the time to try, then have a look at my YouTube channel – Carol Maguire Yoga and click on videos. I have some short videos there, some of which are especially for beginners .

If you are keen to have a regular and varied weekly practice you can also receive an email link to my Livestream Videos. I hope to be teaching a virtual new lesson every week. I will be charging a small fee of £6 for these videos to try to keep my little business afloat, but if you are also suffering from loss of earnings, don’t let that put you off, email me and we can discuss.

You can also learn more about my style of Yoga Teaching at where you will also find more contact numbers, information and testimonials.

Stay well, stay calm, stay mindful and breathe deeply.
Carol Maguire