Corona Virus -Please Ask for Help


You are not alone!

The so called ‘social distancing’ is very badly named.
At this time ‘social togetherness’ is more apparent more than ever – just in a physically distant sort of way.

There are so many good people wanting to help those that perhaps do not have friends or family close by.

If this is you, please, please ask for help – we all need a little bit of this from time to time.

There are two main ways of reaching out in Eastington:-

If you are comfortable using the internet, then Goucestershire helphub may be for you. This aims to put people in touch with volunteers, matching area and need.  Just visit the above website and you will able to fill in a form to ask for or to offer help.Many Eastington volunteers have joined this scheme, so you will find a match.  There is also a phone line if you need help, or cannot use the forms : 01452 583519.   The lines are open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm and Saturday – Sunday 9am-4pm.

If you are not comfortable online, then the
Eastington Coronavirus Community Volunteers can help you

We are a group of local volunteers who want to help those in Eastington, GL10. We co-ordinate with each other on our facebook page (as above) and talk to you on our dedicated phone number:

07495 302263

Your details will not be made public or put online.
We look forward to your call!

We are also pleased to be able to offer free delivery of telephone orders made to to our local Co-op

Please share this information with anyone not ‘connected’.