Editorial 178

Your news… your ECN!  Written by You, Produced by Tom & Jan Low and Mary Gribble.

Hello Dear Readers,
A hearty welcome to your winter edition of ECN.

Once again, the world seems mired in politics and, although I can happily report that this is a fully Brexit-free zone, we do have our own local political sagas going on. Please see pages 9 and 15, and make sure that Stroud District Councill are made aware of your views!

On a much more cheerful note, we see that Congratulations are due to many of our contributors this time:-to Eastington Cricket Club on their promotion to the Premier Division, to ECLT for finally getting the affordable housing scheme off (or rather on) the ground, to the Blue Frog Theatre company on their terrific performance in the Church this autumn, to the the Cotswold Canal Trust for gaining the funding to start ‘our’ phase of the Canal restoration, to Christopher Handbury whose Qigong based health classes celebrate 8 successful years at the Community Centre and to all the people who have put together so many seasonal activities for us to enjoy!

May we wish you all a very Happy Christmas time and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Tom, Jan and Mary.