District Councillors’ Newsletter

Here we go again….

As we are in the middle of an election, and when you read this you will be about to vote or waking up and trying to understand the results.   As ever the topic of this article is planning and specifically the resubmission of the Ecotricity application for the Forest Green Rovers Stadium.

So, the story so far is that an application was submitted and reviewed by the Development Control Committee earlier this year; it was recommended for acceptance by the planning officers, but the Committee rejected it on grounds of lack of benefit to the community and potential negative impact on Nailsworth. The meeting was very comprehensive, and I believe made a detailed analysis of the application. However there was some evidence of Politically motivated voting which I made reference to in the next Full Council meeting and this has not been denied. There has also been the unpleasantness of Ecotricity withdrawing access to their land to allow surveying for the Canal, when it had been agreed that the Canal was not an issue in this application.

Since then Ecotricity has gone to appeal and the appeal hearing will be in February.

They have also resubmitted a new application that will be returned to the Development and Control Committee on the 18th  December.   The main changes are the addition of an all-weather pitch which will be available for a Community use, and an impact study on Nailsworth which conflicts with the one produced by Nailsworth itself. They have also corrected their noise survey which previously included a building that doesn’t exist.

As before,  John Jones and I will be opposing this but I am concerned that there will be a lot of pressure to accept it. Sadly, it has also attracted Political support from David Drew and other prominent local Politicians in a matter that should not be political.
If like me you are against this application then can I suggest that you make your feelings known to Stroud.  Also it will help if you plan to attend the meeting and politely make your feelings known to the Committee. It does help for the Committee to understand local feeling.


In other news at recent Full Council the Council took powers to allow Compulsory Purchase of land to complete the Canal. There are a number of landowners who have not agreed to sell yet. It is hoped that this will not be necessary, but it ensures that the Heritage Lottery Bid could go ahead unhindered.

There is other news on the appointment to the Strategic Leadership Team at Stroud District Council but I will update you on that in the next article when it is complete. Until then may John and I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2020 (however the Election works out.)


If we can help in any way please contact John Jones at cllr.john.jones@stroud.gov.org or Stephen.davies@stroud.gov.org.

(NB Unfortunately, this article was delayed and arrived too late to be included in the printed magazine.)