Parish Matters 177

In the last edition of the ECN we reported that the Memorial Garden had been completed; however Council felt that the work looked unfinished so we have arranged for the contractor to return and finish the stone circle in the same stone finish as the pathway. We are also planning what to plant in the garden around the stone circle.

Lorry Watch update: A big thank you to our volunteers who took their places on 20th August to check for lorries that may be breaching the 7.5t weight limit. There were 2 observation sessions, one in the morning and one in the early evening. Three lorries were identified that may have been over the limit; the companies were contacted and confirmed the lorries were over the weight limit but were not delivering to the village. All three companies will remind their drivers not to breach the weight limit in the village. There is a copy of the full report given to Council within the September meeting pack on our website, or please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like to receive an emailed copy.

The Parish Council has approved some funds to have the full width of pavements reclaimed from encroaching verges on Spring Hill and Bath Road. We are working with Gloucestershire Highways to get this work done ASAP.

We have some ground works to do at Snakey Park to repair the ground around the more popular play items; it is good to see so many families enjoying the park. The mechanism on the aerial runway is wearing out so the parts will be replaced at the end of September.

Would you like to be a parish councillor (or district councillor)?

There will be elections in May 2020, and Eastington Parish Council will have 11 seats to fill. (This is an increase of 2 councillors owing to the rising population at Great Oldbury)
Stroud District Council is arranging a “Be a Councillor” event on 14th October at Ebley Mill, 5.30pm for prospective parish councillors and 6.30pm for district councillors. For more information please see back page, or contact Democratic Services at Stroud District Council telephone 01453 754321.

All minutes and reports are available on our website – or get in touch with the Clerk if you have any queries.

Julie Shirley Clerk to Eastington Parish Council Tel: 01453 799616