Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue

Hello from Wild Hogs.

We’re having such a busy summer in the hospital. Such a lot of our admissions this year are orphaned or abandoned babies, often three or four in a litter and weighing as little as 30 or 40 grams. They take a lot of caring for, having to be hand fed on puppy formula every couple of hours to start with, before they learn to lap and can progress to a sloppy formula and smooth cat food mix, and eventually on to adult cat food only.

If you do disturb a nest in your garden, the mum’s reaction may be to run away, but please just put things back as they were and with any luck she’ll come back. You can contact Wild Hogs for advice. This little baby came in in July after her nest was disturbed – the mother did come back and took all her siblings, but sadly forgot this one. She’s in our Intensive Care unit and we’re hopeful for her.

If you use facebook you can see lots of other hoglet photos and keep up to date on our activities.
Many of our admissions have met with other accidents in gardens, particularly in summer. Strimmers cause horrific injuries, and netting of every type can so easily get tangled round wildlife. The animals panic, and in their struggle injure themselves, sometimes fatally.

It’s important to consider the wild animals we share our living spaces with – a bit more care and tidiness can save lives. So can a few shallow bowls of water, topped up regularly.

The Wild Hogs volunteers have also been very busy attending a range of summer events. In July, amongst other things, we were lucky enough to talk Hedgehogs with Steve Backshall, be part of Stroud Festival of Nature and also part of Vale Wildlife’s Open Day.

Closer to home, we’ve got our own Open Day coming up on 10th August, where we open for hospital tours, which gives the opportunity to see some of current patients.

In September we’ll be at Frampton Country Fair and would love to see you there also.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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