Parish Matter 176

Housing Needs
Thank you to everyone that completed the Housing Needs Survey distributed a few months ago. Gloucestershire Rural Community Council is analysing the responses and putting into a report for us. We hope to be able to publish the highlights of the report in the next edition.

Boundary review
The Community Governance Review that was undertaken earlier this year was put to Stroud District Council for a decision on 18th July and it was decided with effect May 2020 Eastington Parish Council would increase to 11 councillors (an addition of 2 new councillors) and there would be a slight boundary alteration at Oldends Industrial Estate (to sit wholly in Stonehouse parish). It was also agreed that there would be another Community Governance Review in 2022 specifically for Eastington to manage the area of Great Oldbury (by which time there will be a growing community living there).

Ecotricity Stadium
There has been much in the news about the Ecotricity sports stadium plans that was refused by Stroud District Council on 12th June. The Parish Council thank all that have been involved in reading the planning application and helping to lobby for improvements. It has been an incredibly time-consuming business for the past 3 years and we are about to start again with considering new plans from Ecotricity. We have just received the new plans (ref S.19/1418/OUT) which are available on the Stroud District Council planning website. The application is identical to the previously refused application except for the introduction of an all-weather pitch.

Memorial Garden and Burial Ground
The main work for the new memorial garden at the burial ground has been completed and we now have the sensory border to plant up. There are two new benches to be installed and then the area will be available for all enjoy a moment of quiet reflection.
The Government has introduced a Children’s Funeral Fund with effect 23rd July 2019; this means that families will not pay for burial fees for children under the age of 18 years. It is likely that our fee structure will remain unchanged but the Parish Council will apply directly to the Fund to cover the fees if there are any due. We are discussing with local funeral directors how they will approach this new legislation but imagine it will work in the same way for them too.

Snakey Park
The Parish Council has formed a new “Snakey Park Working Group” to complement the activities of the Friends of Snakey Park. The Friends group have done amazing work at the play and skate park over the years and the park is more popular than ever. We rely on volunteers to help empty the bins and to check that play equipment is working and safe. Please do get in touch if you would like to help.

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