Ecotricty / FGR Football Stadium Planning Application

As most of you probably know by now, the proposal to build a 5,000 seater football stadium (as shown above) came to the Stroud Planning Committee for decision on Wednesday 12th June. The Planning Officers had resolved to recommend (but not ‘strongly’ recommend) that the Councillors should approve this application. However, the elected Councillors on the Development Control Committee, after a long evening of debate, voted to refuse the application.

The grounds for refusal were, in the end, pretty clear and far reaching; basically they were concerned that it was contrary to the Local Plan and that the various impacts (heritage, landscape, residential amenity and economic impact on Nailsworth) did not outweigh the benefit. You can read the full statement on line using this shortlink:

However, Dale Vince has elected to re-submit the application with a couple of very minor changes. You can see this on-line with it’s new reference of S.19/1418/OUT. Technically this is a brand new application, but all the applicant’s previous documents have been re-submitted and still stand. The only amendments are:

1) One of the practice pitches is to be made an all weather pitch. This would allow more intensive use and so it could be made available for other clubs to use. Presumably, this is supposed to provide the missing community ‘benefit’, although there are no details as to availability specified.

2) There is an agreement to ‘sign up’ to sticking to the agreed stadium design and to providing the promised subsidised match day buses etc. before the next hearing.
Neither of these small concessions appear to address the main objections, above, and there is no mention of noise reduction for William Morris College.

However, because this is now a new application, all our comments do NOT automatically still stand!
If you wish to comment, support or object you need to do so all over again for it to be fully taken into account.

● You can write to the Planning Offices c/o Ebley Mill, Stroud, GL5 4UB
● or you can email
● You can also post objections online; the system can be a bit creaky (and short links tend not to work) but go to, select ‘planning and buildings’, ‘search planning applications’, and enter the ref S.19/1418/OUT. You will need to register your name and address before you can comment – It IS a faff but it IS worth it – this is a very important decision for Eastington!

For background, see the ‘Keep Eastington Rural’ website at

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