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Coneygree Community Orchard

– Paths Completed by Knight’s Brown Community Assistance Team

A big thank you to Knight’s Brown, the contractors on the roundabout upgrade project, who provided free materials and workforce to finish off our two paths (featured in last ECN edition). This was provided under their Considerate Contractor programme and they kindly completed the work that would have taken many more ECO volunteer work parties.

This shows the picnic circle, with the lighter area being roadstone, delivered and compacted by Knight’s Brown. (ECO had previously laid out the area and put down the first layer of roadstone.)
The foreman on the right is raking the top dressing, which was in turn compacted to provide the top surface.
The circle and the two paths are now red, contrasting the main path laid by ECO five years ago.




Job done to the clients’ satisfaction!
Knight’s Brown site managers are thanked by ECO chairman and the children of Raffles Forest School.
The children had been helping with the paths down to their pond area, earlier this year, so deserve a share of the credit.

All ready for the summer months – feel free to use your community facility.