Parish Council – Annual Report

Welcome to the Annual Report 2018-19 on the activities of the Council. You will find details of how the Council spent its money and how the Council funds this expenditure.

The Parish Council consists of 9 councillors who represent an electorate of approximately 1,360. Elections are held once in every four years, the next election will be May 2020 where it is currently proposed to increase our number to 10 councillors.

The Parish Council has a number of responsibilities in the village including: Burial ground, closed churchyard, play area, notice boards, bus shelters, and grass cutting of the parish owned open spaces.
The Parish Council employs 3 part-time staff to manage all Council matters; the Parish Clerk is employed 20 hours per week, the Planning Clerk employed for up to 10 hours per week as workload demands, and the Assistant Clerk is also employed for up to 10 hours per week as workload demands.
The Council meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Village Hall in Eastington. Agendas are displayed on the village notice board and also on the website – The public are welcome to attend these meetings and raise questions during the 20 minute public forum at the start of the meeting.

We keep residents updated on parish matters through our website, the EastingtonCommunity News and you can follow us on Twitter (@Eastington_PC) or on Facebook (EastingtonPC).

Eastington Parish Council
Mrs J Shirley – Parish Clerk 01453 799616


Parish Councillors as at May 2019:
Alex Bomberg
Muriel Bullock
Mark Chatterley
Jennifer Corrie
Andrew Cozens
Lynne Farnden
Alison Loveridge
Jill Simmons (no email) tel: 01453 825303
Sharon Wells


Chairman’s Report:

Our Clerk has been researching our archives and found the minutes of the very first meeting of our Council, it will be the 125th year anniversary of this event in December this year!!
We are asking for suggestions for a way to celebrate this milestone so any suggestions will be welcome.

Councillors have been busy this year endeavouring to deliver on your requests.
The main concern is parking in the village and at and around the school, the former is difficult due to the lack of suitable space to use as a car park. Some staff and customers are using the car park in Victoria Drive and using the footpath to the shops etc.

Our Getting Around group are working with the school to find solutions to their problems.
Planning: We are pleased to welcome our planning clerk; it is good to have expert advice as we continue to deal with Great Oldbury details. As you have probably noticed it is progressing very quickly and some houses are already occupied. Although I saw the plans before work started it still looks very large!!

We will be replanting the village gateway troughs soon and would be grateful for any offers of help with planting and watering during the season. We have also purchased two displays for the barriers on Alkerton road.

If you have anything you would like to discuss with the Council we meet on the second Thursday of every month at the Village Hall starting at 7.00pm.
We also meet on the 4th Thursday of the month when required, to consider Planning applications, the notice board at the Co-op will give details of the Agenda for both meetings.
If you need to get in touch, please contact our Clerk

Muriel Bullock – Chairman

Grants & Donations

The Parish Council manages the Solar Grant Fund (from the Cambridge Solar Farm income) and a small grants and donations budget; we have been able to support the following groups and initiatives during the past year:

Eastington Primary School £20
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal £200
Owen Harris Memorial Ground Charity (loan) £3000
Solar Grant Funds:
Owen Harris Memorial Ground Charity (M5 fencing) £3000
Owen Harris Memorial Ground Charity (public toilets) £2500

Do you have a project in mind?
Please see the Grants page on our website to see how the Council can help.

Eastington Parish Council Receipts & Payments

Account for the Year Ending 31st March 2019