Jolly Joggers

Hello dear Jollies!

We are a group of friends meeting at 7pm every Monday at the Eastington Co-op during term time, welcoming people of all ages and abilities. Our group is totally free and open to all.

We originally set up Jollies as a ‘complete beginners’ forum offering company to members on our runs during the dark nights and friendly tips and hints on our Facebook page. We team up runners in pairs or larger groups depending on who turns up and their fitness requirements.

Everyone is friendly and you will be looked after in the group. I will stay with you until you feel more comfortable to run on ahead as your fitness grows (or you don’t need me).

Come on out and join the Jollies! Kick start your fitness programme or just come out for a brisk walk and a laugh. We usually start with a 3.5 mile route to Bonds Mill and back. Now the lovely summer evenings are light and warm we will venture to pastures new literally!! Discover perhaps new routes…
Please do Phone me to let me know you’re coming or just phone me to discuss your ideas and how we can help you get started!

Vanessa Cousins 07806 802540 / 01453 828557