Eastington Methodist Church

There are a variety of Café Church sessions coming up in June and July. The first is on Sunday 9th June at 11am where a guest speaker from SIFT will tell us about their work in Nicaragua. This will be followed by a fellowship lunch.
The one on 16th June will be about Jesus going home – the Ascension. This is when Jesus, having been raised from the dead at Easter, leaves his disciples and returns to His Father in heaven.

Then on July 14th, we will be looking into Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to empower Jesus’ followers which in turn caused the church to develop and grow. The Holy Spirit is still here and unless you have encountered Him, you are missing out on what many would regard as one of life’s greatest experiences.

On 21st July, we will be saying goodbye to our current minister, Reverend Graham Miles, who will be taking up a new ministry in Skegness in September. This will be his last Café Church service at Eastington and it will be followed by another fellowship lunch.

On the non-Café Church, the services are more “normal” (if there is such a thing) and provision can be made for separate activities for children and/or young people upon request. Such requests would be very welcome as it would be good to establish such a group on Sundays.

Youth Club

The youth group meets on Friday evenings between 7:00 – 9:00pm at EMC where a variety of activities and a tuck shop are available. Now that we are in the summer period, the group often spends some of the period at Snakey Lane to take advantage of the playground and other facilities there.
We are keen to attract an intake of new members as some of our longer standing members are now moving on after many years with us. As in previous years, we are allowing those in their final year of primary school to join now before they move to secondary school. Each session has a 75p sub and a drink is included.

We are committed to keep those attending safe and a number of rules help to keep this so. One of the more important ones is that once young people are logged in upon arrival, they need to stay until at least 8:50pm so that parents know where they are. We are happy to talk to parents thinking of allowing their children to come along – just pop in or feel free to give as a call.

Messy Church

At the start of the summer holidays we will be running a Messy Summer session at the church. This is an opportunity to engage in a range of fun activities. Cakes will be consumed and drinks provided.

As a church we have also started visiting some of the newly occupied houses at Great Oldbury to welcome the people now moving in. We intend to do this from time to time as more of the houses are completed.
So if you are reading this as a newcomer in Great Oldbury and we have not met you yet, expect a visit soon – but please don’t wait; you (and any other readers) are most welcome to come to any of our events and activities or make contact with us

Ken Burgin 01453 827414
Eastington Methodist Church