District Councillors’ Newsletter

The Forest Green Rovers Football Stadium application will go to the Development Control Committee (DCC) on 12th June, 6pm in the Council Chamber at Ebley Mill. We understand that the usual 3 minute rule for those that wish to address the Committee will be waived, but at the same time, repeated comments, either for or against the application, could be cut short.

There is a new Chair of DCC, Cllr Martin Baxendale, this will be just his second meeting as Chair, although he has been a Member of the Committee for several years.

At the SDC Annual General Meeting on 16th May, Cllr Gary Powell was re-elected Chair of Council, with

Cllr Steve Robinson appointed Vice-Chair. Cllr Robinson replaces Cllr Jenny Miles in this position. All other Committee Chairs were re-appointed as before, except on DCC as mentioned above.

Andrew Cummings, currently Head of Finance, has been appointed Director of Resources, an interim appointment lasting for one year. The appointment will be reviewed early next year.

The Peer Review report has found that SDC performs well in many areas, with room for improvement in others.

The Waste and Recycling Service has been nominated for 3 awards in the South West of England. News of the results of these nominations will be made known later in the summer. SDC collection of Council Tax is rated at 15th in the whole of the country.

As ever, anyone wishing to contact the Ward Councillors for Eastington on SDC matters can contact,
Cllr.Stephen.Davies@stroud.gov.uk tel 07802 595307.
Or Cllr.john.jones@stroud.gov.uk tel 07808 922918