Community Orchard new paths

A Tale of 3 Paths at Coneygree

This is an on-going tale, because laying paths takes many work parties for our volunteers. This part of the tale alone includes 9 tons of stone and at least 25 people (from age 7 to 77) at various times.

Paths have to have a purpose, and each one here fulfils a real need.

1. Paths to the Pond

We featured the efforts of the Junior Section in an earlier ECN.

This has been extended now such that the Y-shaped path has 5 tons of stone from end-to-end and a set of shallow steps to the pond side (barrow-friendly and safer than grassy slopes).

All that’s needed is a top dressing like the original path.

2. New paths next door

This is a sneak-preview of the new memorial garden in the main burial ground. For ECO, it means we are properly linked from our lower gate to the old path and so to the church and school. This will benefit prams and wheelchairs as well as those ladies walking to weddings in stilettos.
The curving path leads into the Memorial Garden, being provided by the Parish Council, which will feature in the August/September ECN.

3. Path to one of our new tables

– Thank You to the Kings Head House Hotel for two circular picnic tables
(pictured is this one in Coneygree and the other will be installed in Brownings Orchard)

The one at Coneygree has been installed in the compass circle (‘Kevin’s mound’) at the top of the orchard, using the same materials as the paths.
Eight barrows of soil removed and twelve barrows of stone later, the table was ready to be tested for robustness!



Feel free to sit there any time, it’s your Community Orchard!