Slimming World Groups

Another Spring is springing and we’ve had a fantastic couple of months at Groups. Free food February was a brilliant month of sharing all the wonderful foods we can eat while following our Slimming World Extra Easy plan and the Groups members lost an amazing 44 stones over the month.

So what can you eat? – here’s a selection of yummy foods my members enjoy while still loosing weight.

Thank you to my lovely members for letting me share their photos.

So now we’ve moved into March and the mixed weather has kept us on our toes with food choices. One day it’s warming comforting foods and the next we’re looking at Summer food choices.

We’ve continued to talk about Body Magic our activity programme and many have tried and enjoyed new activity ideas which has been great to hear and learn about. So we continue to move through the year supporting each other to reach our weight loss goals and celebrating Target weights achieved.

If you’d like to come along and join us at one of our friendly groups you can on any week of the year. We meet at Stonehouse community centre at 9.30am Wednesdays or at Eastington village hall at 5pm or 7pm.

Best wishes Lorna 07974937830