Parish Matters

Enclosed in this month’s newsletter is the Parish Housing needs survey for 2019. We last conducted this survey in 2013/14 and the valuable information it revealed was the foundation for both our Neighbourhood Development Plan 2016-2031 (NDP) and the Eastington Community Land Trust (ECLT).
People’s circumstances and needs change, so it’s important that we update our understanding of what you, our parishioners, want and need.
If you can spare a few minutes to complete the survey we would appreciate it.

In a previous edition of the ECN we mentioned the Community Governance Review taking place in Stroud district. The recommendations are currently being consulted upon, with proposals for a small boundary amendment at Oldends Industrial Estate (to move the boundary so the whole industrial estate sits within Stonehouse parish instead of split between Eastington and Stonehouse) and to increase the number of councillors on Eastington Parish Council to 10. At the last meeting of the Parish Council, councillors voted to request the total number is increased to 11 councillors (an addition of 2 new councillors) and to request another Community Governance Review takes place in 2022 specifically for Eastington to manage the area of Great Oldbury (by which time there will be a growing community living there). There will be further discussion about this at the 8th April parish council meeting so please do let your views be known.

We still wait to learn when the Ecotricity planning application will be decided by Stroud District Council, meanwhile we continue to review and comment on the many applications that arise from the Great Oldbury development.
A contractor has been appointed to create the new memorial garden at the burial ground, work should start in the coming weeks so that the area is available to enjoy this summer.

The roundabout at Alkerton Cross will be undergoing an update soon, with new plants to show off our lovely direction-post.
We are coming to the time of year when we update the planters in the village gateways for the summer, please do get in touch if you would like to help with this task.

We have been working closely with the Primary School to improve road safety around the school at pick up and drop off times. We are currently pursuing the following options with Gloucestershire Highways:

  • A painted T-line/H-line on the road around the corner from Spring Hill into Churchend.
  • The use of temporary and advisory 20mph signs (“20 is Plenty”).
  • The reclaiming (thus widening) of the path from the Lock.

The next drop-in event to talk to councillors about highways, road safety, kissing gates etc will be on 17th May at 6.30pm (venue to be confirmed) – keep an eye on local notice boards and social media for more details.

All minutes and reports are available on our website –

or get in touch with the Clerk with any queries

Julie Shirley, Clerk to Eastington Parish Council

Tel: 01453 799616 email: