Eastington Community Land Trust Ltd. (ECLT)

Providing the homes that Eastington needs

ECLT’s project to build 23 homes for affordable rent in Claypits has ticked almost all the technical boxes for the Stroud DC Planners. There remain just a few legal hoops to jump through before planning permission can be officially granted and a start-on-site date can be inked in. At that point our Housing Association partners, Aster Homes, will be taking most of the burden from ECLT whose trustees will be meeting for the 50th time on April 4th.

This will be the largest physical evidence of the work of so many volunteers – including ECLT, the Parish Council, the Neighbourhood Development Committee and the delivery team of the ECN. They have all helped to conduct progressive stages of research and public consultation, starting with:

  •  the Parish Plan in 2013
  •  the Housing Needs Survey 2014
  •  the Neighbourhood Development Plan 2016
  •  Incorporation of ECLT as a Community Benefit Society 2016
  •  Planning Application for 23 homes for affordable homes submitted 2018

…… and continuing into a new cycle, with the Housing Needs Survey 2019 issued by the Parish Council and delivered to you with this edition of ECN.

Please support the Parish Council in this 5-yearly Housing Needs Survey

by returning your form as soon as possible – whether or not you foresee a housing need for your family

ECLT will await the outcome of this 2019 Survey to be reported by the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council and we stand ready to plan for whatever you, the parishioners, say we need next to improve Eastington’s housing supply.

The ECLT project in Claypits shows that the community can deliver better results for the people of this parish by providing the type of homes that the market developers don’t always get around to building.

Tom Low
ECLT Secretary

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A Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014, registration number 7425

registered address: Hazel Cottage, Millend, Eastington, Stonehouse, Glos. GL10 3SF,

01453 823425