Editorial 172

Dear Readers,

There are several items in this issue that I am sure will give you pause for thought. The Eastington commemorations of the end of the Great War were very moving – if you missed the exhibition in the church we have plenty of pictures for you ( see them in colour on the website ). We also thought that the children’s poems on pages 4 and 5 were just amazing – incredibly touching and showing a depth of feeling and understanding that perhaps you might not expect from such young children.

Staying on the theme of times gone by, we have two first hand accounts for you from the Eastington of earlier times, when life was less frenetic, perhaps, but very much harder.

Here in the present, the Halloween walk, once again, was a huge success – I have never seen so many of our children all at once. There must be a record for the longest crocodile somewhere – all happy and lively, they just kept on coming! – and all beautifully behaved, too. Perhaps Eastington has the children it deserves.

May we wish you all a very Merry Christmas-time and a Happy New Year

Mary, Tom, Jan and the team.